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Junior Athlete Programme (JAP) is a Strength & Conditioning programme for juniors aged 7-15 who are passionate about sport and exercise and want to improve their athletic ability


Our goal is to help kids enhance athleticism, build confidence, and develop strong movement fundamentals in a supportive gym environment. 


Each session will focus on:


- Strength and conditioning 

- Fundamentals of movement  

- Sport-specific training

- Nutrition and lifestyle education


Regular physical activity and strength training also contribute to the development of strong bones and muscles, improved body composition, and enhanced motor skills. Moreover, engaging in these programmes at an early age can foster a positive attitude towards exercise and promote the adoption of a healthy lifestyle in the long run.


Aside from the physical benefits, strength and conditioning programme for children also offer psychological advantages. These programs can boost self-esteem and self-confidence, as children witness their physical capabilities and achievements improve over time.


In conclusion, strength and conditioning programmes are beneficial for children aged 7-15 years old, offering both physical and psychological advantages. By ensuring age-appropriate exercises, proper technique, and adequate supervision, these programmes can contribute to the holistic development and well-being of children, forming a foundation for a healthier future.


Our coaches are Enhanced DBS checked and qualified Strength & Conditioning coaches.

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