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One-to-one sessions allow for a deeper understanding of your needs, ensuring every workout is optimised for maximum results. Making your training plan meticulously crafted to suit your individual goals, preferences, and unique physical attributes.


Personalised Attention:
Experience the advantage of undivided attention during each session. I'll be by your side, providing real-time feedback, data and motivating you to push your limits.


Goal-Centric Workouts:
Together, we'll establish clear and achievable goals. Through a comprehensive assessment and ongoing dialogue, we'll refine your objectives and continuously adapt your training program to ensure progress and success. Whether your working towards a certain date, trying to maintain strength and power in season or you’ve had enough of feeling exhausted and want to make your health a priority. 


What to Expect: What gets measured gets managed… 


  1. Comprehensive Initial Assessment: Begin with an in-depth evaluation of your background, advise on the right testing strategies, health history, and specific objectives. This forms the foundation for a well structured training plan.

  2. Individualised Training Sessions: Enjoy focused one-on-one training sessions.

  3. Continuous Progress Monitoring: Regular assessments/tests and adjustments to your program guarantee that we stay on track and optimise your training for ongoing success.


Your Schedule:

Flexibility is key. We'll work together to create a training schedule that aligns with your lifestyle, ensuring that your journey seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.




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